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If you are looking to sell your home fast, you just found the solution! "We Buy Michigan Houses" is the most trusted homebuyer in the State.

Unfortunate or sudden changes in your living situation are not as rare an occurrence as you might think. What is even more frustrating is the fact that the traditional way of selling your property is not always the most expedient or even efficient way, especially when you need to sell your home Fast.

This is exactly why we are in business. Everyday we talk to people just like you who are having a rough time with home-ownership. The issues they are facing might be minuscule or could be financially devastating; one thing is for sure, when you are the one dealing with the problem, all you want is that problem to go away.

Stop! Look no further… you just found the answer to all of your property troubles. We can buy your home in 10 days or less; no commission, fees or expense to you. When you sell your house to us, we pay everything, closing costs, property taxes, maintenance, repairs and anything else that might pop up. "We Buy Michigan Houses" is the most hassle free way to sell your house in any market condition.

Michigan Cash Home Buyers

 "We Buy Michigan Houses" is a Real Estate investment group. We specialize in buying houses fast and often times for more money than our less reputable competitors. Some people think all real estate investors run around looking for fire sales, and only offering you pennies on the dollar. Maybe some are like that, but not us. At We Buy Michigan Houses, we truly care about you. 

Selling your home to us is quick and painless. No jumping through hoops, waiting on a buyer’s lender approval or deals falling through at the last minute. When we submit an offer to you we explain every detail, disclose all of our research and we do not force you into a decision. We are fair, honest and professional. Call us and see for yourself. Selling Your Home to Us is the smart way to go. Here are a few reasons to consider Mid-Michigan’s most trusted real estate investment company.

Having Trouble Selling Your Home?

We Can Help..... EVEN IF
  • A Realtor Can't Sell Your House
  • You've Already Moved and Need to Sell FAST
  • You Don't Have Enough Equity to Pay Closing Costs
  • You Have an Expensive Luxury House and Are Having a Hard Time Finding a Buyer who Qualifies for a Mortgage
  • You Just Bought a Home and are Having Second Thoughts

We Buy Ugly Houses in Michigan

The Real Estate industry has proven to be extremely volatile in recent years. This volatility has had some very personal consequences, because nothing is more intimate than your personal situation. Owning your own home can be a great joy in life, but it can also cause a lot of headaches.

Problems that homeowners face may seem insurmountable; like foreclosure, an underwater mortgage, job loss, code violations, taxes, landlord/tenant problems, relocation, and even just trying to find a buyer. Luckily for all of us the real estate market has proven to be cyclical, which simply means a problem today may be an opportunity tomorrow.

We can help the average person who feels overwhelmed and is looking for answers. Most of the time the solution to a real estate problem is to sell quickly; unfortunately, circumstances may not always be favorable for a fast sale. Let’s face it, the Real Estate industry cannot always stay in a sellers’ market. Which simply means you may have to think outside the box to achieve your goal of selling quickly.

Selling your house for cash can be a huge stress relief, especially when it comes to “hard to sell” properties. This could be a vacant home, a house you inherited, a dwelling the city has condemned, a rental property you own with tenants still on the lease or even a home that requires extensive repairs. A lot of times these properties give owners the most trouble, they are hard to sell and every day you waste trying to sell, it is costing you money. You still have to pay the property taxes, and a mortgage payment on a property that you don’t want or even one that is vacant! Let We Buy Michigan Houses take over your “money pit”. We transform these situations, offering you a simple solution to relieve even the biggest Real Estate burdens.

Benefits of Selling to a Cash Home Buyer

We Buy Your House Quickly!

When you contact us we will want to see your property before making an offer. Once we see your house, we can give you an offer within an hour on most occasions.

We Purchase the Property As-Is!

When you sell to us we purchase your home As-Is, meaning there are no  more costly repairs or headaches you need to deal with. 

You Don't Pay Any Closing Costs!

We Pay everything at Closing, including Taxes! You don't have to worry about paying a realtor, or any other bank fees designed to cut into the Amount we agreed upon.

We Can Help When Others Can't!

We want to buy your ugly houses, we want to help you get out of probate, or to get you out of an underwater mortgage. Whatever the problem, we have the solution for you.

NO Commission, Fees or Costs to You

When you sell the traditional way, it seems as though you are liable for every little service fee imaginable. Take a closer look at the HUD statement from when you bought your home; it's amazing all the “nickel-diming” that statement has. It's sad to say that even if you have enough equity in your property to cover all of those costs, you never walk away with the amount of money you thought you would. When you do business with We Buy Michigan Houses, there are no surprises, hidden costs or disappointments. Everything is on the table. You know exactly what to expect when we buy your house and close the deal.

We Buy Michigan Houses Will Close on Your Home Quickly

When you call us, of course we're coming out to see the house. We'd like to see what we're going to buy. Wouldn't you? Usually, we can analyze your situation within the hour. Normally, we will either make an offer on the spot or have an offer back on your table within 24 to 48 hours. You are under no obligation or pressure; you will have more than enough time to think things over. How fast we close is completely in your hands. When we make an offer we are ready to buy almost immediately. On this you can be certain, selling your home to us is a lot faster than selling it on the open market . . . . with a heck of a lot less headaches.

We Buy Michigan Houses is More reliable than the Average Home Buyer.

Getting approved for a mortgage is getting harder and harder now days. Owners tell us all the time about the buyer they had whose mortgage got denied right before closing; that is frustrating and heartbreaking at the same time. Just think about it, you know your house is about to close and are already planning the next phase of your life; then….BOOM! The rug gets pulled out from under you; now you are scrambling to come up with a plan B. Our Hearts go out to the people having to deal with a situation that could have been avoided if they had just taken the time and searched out a reputable Real Estate investor.

With the Government introducing more stringent standards for lenders, it can be very difficult for buyers to get approved for a mortgage. When seeking a mortgage, some buyers might not get approved for enough money to buy your property; and there are even more people looking for homes that don’t have the required 20% down payment for most loans.

Our Process is Simple and Trustworthy

The process of selling your home can be trying, and it is important to seek advice from experts in the industry. Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what to do and whether the advice you receive is unbiased (especially if the person offering advice works on commission or fees associated with the sale).

​So what makes We Buy Michigan Houses different? Well, we are investors, so Yes we are going to make money on the deal we put together; and are upfront about it. It would be hard to sustain a business if there was never a profit. But, we only do deals where everyone wins! We don’t believe in one-side house offers or shady tactics to earn our money. We disclose everything you will need to decide if working with us is the path you should pursue.

The main reason we have one of the best reputation among real estate investors in Michigan is our honesty, integrity and our yearning to help sellers the market has forgotten. We reduce the common worry and stress most property owners feel when putting their house on the market. You won’t believe how effective, convenient and fair our process is until you give us a shot; we will buy your home as quickly as possible.

Every person's needs change throughout their life. Maybe your company is moving to a different area, or you are looking to downgrade, or some other situation that seems completely hopeless; we are the home buyer to call when you need help immediately.
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