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We Buy Holt, Mi Houses and can Help you avoid losing your home to foreclosure. We can give you a cash offer in as little as a day. 

Foreclosure or even the threat of it is definitely a scary situation to be in. Here at We Buy Michigan Houses, we talk to people in these heartbreaking times almost on a daily basis.

Your mind is probably racing to try and come up with a solution to avoid foreclosure and keep you home. Luckily there are options to help you in this terrible situation, unfortunately keeping your property may not always be possible; but trying to save your Home or at least Your Credit is always worth a try. Below are some options you may not have considered. If keeping your house is no longer an option or concern please contact us immediately, we can help!

Always remember that a foreclosure will affect your credit in one of the worst ways possible, and make buying anything without cash very difficult; especially a new home. In the best possible circumstance you will be able to get a new mortgage in as little as 3 years, but that is definitely not a guarantee; building your credit back up will be a long road, but people get through situations like this all the time.
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The Best Advice for A Homeowner in Pre-Foreclosure

One of the thoughts we hear from troubled homeowners is they feel like they have failed, and it eats at them. Which is a shame; most of the folks we speak with are good people who fell into bad times; Making it Impossible to Avoid Foreclosure on their own.

Circumstances change for people every day. You could have been laid off or your job eliminated, maybe you were injured at work and you haven’t seen any compensation.

Regardless of the reason, if your income has suddenly been reduced and maintaining payments on your home has become impossible, preventing foreclosure can still be achieved.

​The worst thing you could do right now is ask yourself:

“How many months behind do I have to be before my home is foreclosed on?"

The time to act is before you get the pink sheet of paper taped to your door.

Foreclosure can be stopped once it has begun, but the best time to stop it is in the pre-foreclosure stage.

The 5 Options People at Risk of Losing Their Holt, Mi Home

Declare Bankruptcy

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy  allows you to catch up on a Mortgage and Taxes, the judge will issue a stay order when you file.  

We are not Lawyers, so you definitely should speak with one before pursuing this solution and learn the potential consequences to declaring bankruptcy.

Bring Payments 
Up to Date

This  option really is the most logical and the first avenue you should pursue. Unfortunately it probably is the hardest, if you had the means to make the payments you never would be in foreclosure. 

Refinance Your Home

The Key to Making this option work for you is to act as soon as you know there will be a problem. The reason for this is when you start missing payments your credit score will fall. To obtain a refinance you will need decent credit and to show the  ability to pay on time

Ask for a Loan Modification 

When you ask for a Loan Modification your Mortgage provider will consider lowering your interest rates, deferring payments and even lowering your loan amount. 

When you are in the Loan Modification process your lender can't foreclose on you either. So this is a great option, but is a hard process. If you think it's worth trying call your lender and ask about the process.

We are not Lawyers though, so always check with one to know your rights.

Try to Sell Your Home or Call Us

Another option to pursue is to sell your home either through and agent or to a real estate investor like us. What you should be concerned about is selling your home for enough to pay off your mortgage, late fees and taxes you my have accrued.

Another issue you should think about before making your decision is how long will it take to sell your home on the market through and agent. Can it be done? Yes, although not in a reliable way. The market ebbs and flows in ways your agent can't control.

If you need to close quickly and in a reliable way, We Buy Michigan Houses might be the best option for your circumstance. Give us a call 517-225-0165.
We Can Save Your Home From Foreclosure
​If all else fails Contact We Buy Holt, Michigan Houses when you are in Foreclosure or even Pre-Foreclosure. If you have talked to the bank or the city and you realize this is not going to work, give us a call right away. Most of the time, we can bring your payments or your taxes current, and stop the process. We work with people just like you and get them out of foreclosure almost daily. You will be glad you called. .
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