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Sometimes being a landlord isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Renting out an apartment or a house can offer a nice stream of income for any property owner, but every rental property comes with its own quirks and problems; things like bad tenants, major repairs and vacancy can cause a serious strain on your finances. Which is why so many landlords get burnt out over time and that extra income ends up not being worth it for them.

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Is Being a Landlord Worth it?

One of the biggest problems a landlord has to face is the issue of delinquent rent or a non-paying tenant. You got into this business as in investment and thought it it would be nice to have some positive cash flow as a result; but as soon as that bad tenant signs the lease it starts to destroy your dream and COST YOU MONEY!

In Michigan it is difficult to get people out of a rental they don’t pay for; it takes time and costs you money to finally be able to evict the troubled tenant. This is one of the biggest reasons we see so many people get out of the landlord business. What makes thing even worse is having two non-paying tenants in a row at the same property, this truly is a dream killer.

Another big problem Landlords face is a renter destroying the property. This can be malicious or just because of shear laziness and lack of common courtesy. Most people were raised to respect other people’s property, and it is hard to imagine someone leaving a home or apartment worse than when they found it.

Unfortunately, this is the reality a lot of investment property owner’s face. The worst part about the whole thing is the Security Deposit rarely covers the average repair cost it takes to make the unit available for the next tenant.

We Want to Buy Your Rental Properties

Unlike other real estate investors, We Buy Lansing Houses has been working with rental property owners for years and our reputation is the best in the industry.

We will always offer you fair price for your property, and we only look for deals where everyone wins. We have tons of different ways to buy your property from you, which means we can find a way to purchase your property for more money than the other people in the industry.

The amount we offer you will never be subjected to fees or commissions, so you will know exactly how much money you will receive when we close. We take over any maintenance and repairs, taxes (even if you owe back taxes), and we can even buy your rental house if you have no equity in it.

​ So give us a call, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how hard we work to find the best solution possible for your rental properties.
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