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We Buy Ugly Houses
We Buy Lansing Houses is the fastest way to sell your Ugly House. We give Fair Offers and Can Close Quickly.

Trying to sell a really nice property the traditional way can be difficult at times, it usually takes a couple months, a few open houses and a couple of real estate agents to get the job done; and they never sell as quickly as you would like. On the other hand, trying to sell an ugly house or a home that needs extensive repairs is a whole new ballgame! This is why there are so many vacant homes in disrepair that owners simply walk away from. It’s frustrating to say the least, and ends up costing you money whether you sell or walk away.

A lot of people who own a hard to sell property think they need to stage the it, fix everything and take a loss to sell, but they are wrong; there is a better way. When you contact us we will give you a fair cash offer on your home even if you think it is unsellable.
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Selling Your Real Estate Head Ache

In general an Ugly House is an unattractive property that has some cosmetic or even structure problems that make them undesirable compared to the other residences in the neighborhood.

These homes may have structural damage, in general disrepair or even condemned. To sell them would require some major repairs, or even minor cosmetic changes that You may not want to do or have the money to get done.

Regardless of the current market, most sellers never get the selling price they think their home deserves.

​ Selling an ugly home is an even worse proposition. The market doesn’t really support realistic prices for ugly properties, and trying to sell them through a realtor can be a huge headache; to make matters worse, the value would have to support closing costs, title searches, fees and real estate commissions… If the it has Low Equity it will leave you with nothing in your pocket after the sale.

We Purchase Hard to Sell Properties

Luckily for you we have been buying hard to sell homes for years throughout Michigan; we are the experts and know how to close a deal with you in the shortest time possible. Real Estate Agents are experts and know their stuff when it comes to pretty houses and the pretty neighborhoods; but they are not the best option when a home is in disrepair. We Buy Michigan Houses are the experts, and want to help you get out of the house that is dragging you down.

When you Contact We Buy Lansing Houses about your Hard to Sell Property we will put together the best deal possible for the you. We work with many different types of investors and buyers; which gives us many different ways to get you the most money for your Ugly Home.

​ We pay all of the Closing Cost, all of the maintenance, back taxes and all other unexpected fees. Once you contact us, the next step is to collect your check. It’s as simple as that! Give us a call or fill out the instant quote form, we want to put together the best deal possible for you.

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