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When the Market fluctuates, so do Property Values; as a result many homeowners find themselves trapped in an underwater mortgage. Which means you owe more on your home than the market will allow financing for; as a result it will be very hard to sell it. An underwater mortgage occurs for many reasons, like refinancing your home just to see property values in your neighborhood fall the next year, or possibly getting a second loan on a property; either way owing more than market value is a hard spot to be in.

You end up feeling stuck because your options become very limited. Underwater mortgages could also lead to more serious problems down the road like foreclosure, short sales, or not having the ability to relocate if the situation arises.
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We Can Buy Your Home Even If You Owe More Than Your Home Is Worth 

The good news for you is this is a pretty common problem; especially with the craziness Michigan has seen in the Real Estate market since 2008. Here at We Buy Michigan Houses, we know there is a solution for every problem. In fact we have been helping property owners with underwater loans for over 15 years now. Most people will tell you that you are stuck in your house until the property value reaches the level of debt, but they are usually wrong.

If your loan is underwater, contact us immediately. We have many different ways to buy your home even if you owe a lot more than market value on your property. We have been doing business in Michigan for years now and we only look at deals that offer a win/win solution for both sides. Meaning we are not looking to capitalize on your property trouble, we are looking to partner up with you to get out of a bad situation and into a better one..

Solutions For Michigan Homeowners With an Underwater Mortgage

Stay in Your Home and Pay the Mortgage Down

The saying “time heals all wounds” is appropriate in this type of situation. As you continue to pay down your mortgage, over the years you will slowly be able to bring your mortgage back to the current market value. This will eventually allow you more options regarding your living situation. Allowing you to sell your home, refinance with a lower interest rate and a plethora of other solutions. The only drawback to waiting out an underwater mortgage is it usually takes a very long time, and life has a way of unexpectedly changing long term plans. 

Loan Modification.

You might be able to call the bank and ask to modify your loan. Banks are usually willing to consider this option. This process is not guaranteed and can take a while to complete, but it is a good option. Sometimes you can convince them to lower the principal and the payment. The drawback to this option is you are still stuck in the mortgage even if the payments are lower. If you need or want to move quickly this is not the option for you.

Sell Your Home To Us

​Sell your home to us! We take over all of the payments, Maintenance and Taxes; which will give you back the FREEDOM your mortgage took from you. This process is quick and painless. This best part is, you no longer have to worry about being stuck in a less than desirable situation. We Buy Michigan Houses is a leader in the market, and has a proven track record of helping homeowners just like you. 

We Buy Homes when no one else can. Most investors will not even look at a property that is worth less than the loan value, But not us. We Buy Michigan Houses can buy your home, so you can move on with your life. Give us a call at 517-225-0165
We Buy Michigan Houses
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